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Clintara provides rater training and certification for clinical trials, site independent assessment programs to assure in-study data quality and consistency, and consulting services for the pharmaceutical and clinical research industries.

Our Platform

Rater Training and Certification
Subjective endpoints are the hallmark of CNS trials, and the instruments...[Read More...]

Subject Validation
Site and patient-based mis-incentives can contribute to inappropriate subject selection...[Read More...]

Surveillance & Analysis
Our risk management and quality assurance platform seamlessly receives and quality assures primary source data in any format...[Read More...]


Impact of BPRS Interview Length on Ratings Reliability In a Schizophrenia Trial Eur J Neuropsychopharmacology

Targum, S. D,,  Pendergrass J.C., Toner, C., Zumpano, L., Rauh, P., and DeMartinis, N. Impact of … [Read More...]

Audio-digital recordings used for independent confirmation of site-based MADRS interview scores

Signal detection requires ratings reliability throughout a clinical trial. The confirmation of … [Read More...]

Site-independent confirmation of subject selection for CNS trials: ‘dual’ review using audio-digital recordings

Targum, S. and Pendergrass, C. (2014) Site-independent confirmation of subject selection for CNS … [Read More...]

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Clinical Study Design and Consulting Services

Led by Steven D. Targum MD, our scientific services group assists sponsors with protocol development, rating scale development, and other specialized scientific consulting services.

Clintara has collaborated on the development of two instruments being used on several studies, the CGI for Fatigue, and the Clinical Validation Inventory for Study Admission (C-VISA©)...[Read More...]

C-VISA is copyright Clintara, LLC.

“Dual” Scoring Clinical Ratings

The Clintara strategy asserts that site-independent clinical data review for diagnostic verification, subject validation, and symptom severity confirmation can enhance the subject selection process and optimize clinical trial outcomes.

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