Clintara Pen Download Utility (CDU) & Clintara TouchPen

Common Problems/Questions
Clintara Pen Download Utility(CDU)
I keep seeing a “Get Upload OLS Error” error message Clintara Desktop Utility requires Windows XP or higher Windows OS
Ensure the Destination Folder in Step 1 is a designated folder on C:\ drive
I see the repeated “Waiting for Pen to be Connected” message repeated in the status window Ensure pen is properly secured in docking station
Ensure dock is plugged into USB port on the computer
Ensure the USB port on computer is working properly. Try another USB port (on desktop computers, ports in the back are more reliable than front)
Restart computer after installing
Ensure Anti-virus/firewalls are not blocking CDU from being installing/running properly
Does the CDU automatically send my files to Clintara? No. CDU takes files from the pen and puts them on the computer. The following step is to then upload those files to our website.
Clintara TouchPen
The time on the pen is not set CDU automatically updates the time on the pen during file transfer process.
My pen is running out of ink Ink cartridges can be pulled out of the pen and replaced
Contact our HelpDesk if your site does not have any replacement ink cartridges.
How long will my pen last? The pen charges and resets during upload process, and has enough memory (1, 2, or 4GB depending on which model) and battery (>100 hours when full) that there should be no issues.
I accidentally skipped a question in my workbook. What should I do? The pen is able to read where it is being used on each page, which page it is being used on, and where the controls are located. You may go back and ask the question – there is no specific sequence they need to be asked for the pen to record them properly.
I forgot to turn my pen on before I started writing. You may still turn on the pen and trace over any notes previously written. Written data may be recovered this way. Audio data must be rerecorded.
I forgot my Username/Password Click the “Forgot Password” link
Contact our HelpDesk to retrieve Username or password
I receive the message “Your username or password is incorrect. Please retry” Ensure credentials being used are correct.
Ensure that the URL is typed in correctly.
While trying to upload a file, I see “page cannot be loaded” (or similar) Check the size of the file you are attempting to transmit. For security purposes, a file cannot be sent to our website if it is over 100MB
Check your internet connection. A fast, reliable connection is required to transmit larger files.