Since Clintara’s inception in 2009, in-study data from phase II and III global trials indicate we help sponsor partners reduce risk and cost associated with clinical trials.

We do this by integrating rater training and certification with independent ‘dual ratings’ to create a fully scalable remote rater monitoring platform.  In addition to reducing rater drift, our platform betters subject selection quality and increases chances of signal detection through better data integrity.

Our data shows that central raters and/or site based raters perform better when our remote rater monitoring surveillance platform is used.  Our platform combines simple, HIPAA compliant technology with thought leadership.  While we have focused on audio recordings as the primary means for monitoring, video and paper based analyses have also proven effective.

Our platform does not delay patient recruitment, nor do we cause source level dissatisfaction (which can lead to both time delays and data quality issues).  It is inherent in our corporate culture to consider and treat all stakeholders in a given clinical trial as partners.

Clintara utilizes a 2.0 business model, maintaining a global presence without passing on unnecessary and irrelevant overhead to our partners.  We do this via our global clinical services agreements with institutions around the globe which enable us to have unparalleled clinical breadth and depth, in addition to local country expertise.  In addition, our technology utilizes Microsoft’s cloud environment, which is simple, compliant and secure.

Based in Boston, we have close to 100 full and part time staff around the world.