Clintara Evolution

Clintara founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Steven Targum, MD, has been at the forefront of innovation in Central Nervous System (CNS) clinical trials for the past thirty years.

In the 1990’s, after selling his successful clinical trials site, Dr. Targum started Pharmastar (today Bracket) and focused on creating best practices in rater training and certification. These practices have since become standard practice in clinical trials.

After selling Pharmastar, Dr. Targum joined Massachusetts General Hospital (“MGH”), where he helped evolve new approaches to subject selection (“SAFER“).  Dr. Targum further refined his thinking on subject selection (subject validation) when he left MGH to found Clintara in 2009, when he created the C-Visa ™, a secondary scale customized to each study and used to ensure only appropriate subjects are validated to continue in a study.

Clintara has continued to refine the C-Visa™, which doesn’t create site burden or logistical complications, and which has been used in multiple global phase III studies.  Rater training, C-Visa™ and in-study surveillance today play an integral part in any clinical quality assurance program.

Clintara uses technology, most prominently audio recordings of interviews, to quality assure both subject selection and post randomization interviews through the independent “dual scoring” of rater interviews.  This remote rater monitoring model is now being included in new protocol designs.  Always sensitive to site burden, remote monitoring does not require pre-scheduled interviews.  The dual interviews are accessed virtually and scored on an independent basis by pre-qualified clinicians.  The result can be a consistent scoring or observation, or a potential remediation.

Since 2009, Clintara has conducted over 60 trials which have included 23,000 screens at over 2,200 sites around the world.