Rater Training & Certification

Subjective endpoints are the hallmark of CNS trials, and the instruments used to collect those data can leave room for interpretation by both the subject and the investigator. Often the success – or failure – of a study hinges upon how well the raters were trained to collect the data.

Clintara’s rater training programs are protocol specific and appropriate to the study size and phase.  Our objective is to provide meaningful instruction in a multi-lingual setting to maximize knowledge retention. Whether live or virtual, all of our programs employ principles of adult learning and state-of-the-art technology to train and test the skills of the participants.

Our rater training programs include the use of Rater Experience Questionnaires or Rater Evaluation Questionnaires (“REQ”s) to ensure raters meet fundamental criteria to participate in the study (this can be done via our portal, pdf or fax) prior to initiation of training; development of didactic training modules for each rating instrument; training on primary and secondary measures; customized reviews and presentations; customized certification programs; and, refresher and remediation programs in-study.  All content remains available online for reference, and our actual training programs are highly advanced and interactive.

While we believe that rater training and certification are fundamental to any study, rater training alone is insufficient without an ongoing monitoring or in-study surveillance program.