In Study Surveillance: Remote Rater Monitoring

In addition to a strong foundation of rater training and certification and subject eligibility validation, clinical trial success is contingent on accurate ratings, whether by site raters or central raters.  Our experience has demonstrated that the mere presence of a surveillance system improves rater performance, and that the quality and completeness of rater interviews improve because raters know they are being monitored.

Clintara‘s remote rater monitoring platform assures rater performance through the collection and review of rater interviews by independent Clintara clinicians.  Our technology captures audio/digital files, and uploads them to our HIPAA compliant cloud environment.  Once in the cloud, they are accessed in real time by pre-qualified and protocol trained Clintara clinicians.  Our clinicians listen to the interviews on a blinded basis, re-score them, and provide an additional score for the quality of the interview.  The results may include re-training, remediation, or other collaborative action.

Prior to undertaking independent clinical reviews, Clintara specialists conduct administrative data reviews to ensure data completeness.  Where incomplete data is found, we work with the sites to gather full data sets.  We also run algorithms around the data to flag anomalies which require further attention from our clinicians.  This enhances data integrity and the ability to detect signals.

Our entire ‘dual scoring’ process takes around 48 hours and is not a rate limiting step.